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About Shutter Pilots

Shutter Pilots features an extensive team of aerial imaging professionals who provide low-altitude photography, cinematography and 2D/3D visualization services using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with the latest technology including high definition (HD) cameras, GPS positioning systems and radio-controlled aircraft.

Our remote pilots are FAA certified to fly small, unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs) to capture aerial imagery for commercial purposes. Our team provides aerial imaging services to engineering and architectural firms, real estate agents, government municipalities, corporate clients, and other organizations seeking specialized aerial imaging and 2D/3D visualization services. We offer three distinct services:

  1. Aerial filming and photography
  2. 3D visualization
  3. 3D photogrammetry

Our Managing Partners

Shutter Pilots was established in 2014 by executives affiliated with Marketing & Advertising Business Unlimited, Inc. (MABU). We are based in the United States and have offices in North Dakota and Maryland. Our founders are Mike Mabin, Ed Sargeant and Alexander Mabin.


Mike Mabin’s passion for photography began in 1974 after taking an audio-visual class in high school. This experience led him to a decision to pursue photography as a career. He attended the Minneapolis College of Art & Design where he majored in film and video production. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Mary, Bismarck, North Dakota. Mabin also serves as President of Marketing & Advertising Business Unlimited, (MABU), with offices in North Dakota and Maryland. MABU currently employs nearly two dozen graphic designers, creative writers, web developers and multimedia coordinators.


Ed Sargeant’s broad-based experience includes working as a Technical Director in visual effects for several Hollywood movies, most notably Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire and Batman Begins. Sargeant earned a Master of Arts in Drawing from Camberwell College of Art in London, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Visualization and Animation from Bournemouth University, England. Sargeant currently serves as Director of Multimedia Solutions at Marketing & Advertising Business Unlimited (MABU). Prior to joining MABU, he was an Instructor at Rasmussen College, Bismarck, ND, where he taught graphic design, multimedia production, e-learning tools, web development, and 3D/2D modeling and animation.


Alexander Mabin currently runs MABU’s satellite office in Phoenix, Maryland. As MABU’s Executive Vice President, he serves as a Senior Project Manager for our clients in the Washington, DC area including the U.S. Departments of Defense, Justice and Treasury, as well as the Smithsonian Institution and the National Congress of American Indians. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, he was previously employed as a Senior Consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton’s Government Division, advising high-level officials on financial and analytic decisions. Mabin is currently pursuing his MBA and MS in Strategic Management from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.