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3D Photogrammetry

Many clients rely on us to take aerial imagery to the next level by utilizing photogrammetry and 3D reconstruction. Our knowledge of orthomosaic stitching and photogrammetry provides the tools to produce actionable documentation for construction, environmental and archeological projects.

Safe, Planned Flights

At Shutter Pilots, our number one priority is safety. We plan all flights ahead of time and work closely with our pilots to ensure appropriate safety measures and protocols are in place. By working in teams of 2-3 people, we are able to separate the roles of pilot, camera operator and spotter. This ensures that each need is defined and the best product is delivered.

Precise Image Capture

We utilize precise flight patterns that enable the capture of hundreds of images with a significant overlap to create 3D depictions of an environment. This allows for more accurate processing of the photogrammetry images.

By manually flying around a specific object or building, we obtain close-range imagery that is perfect for use in 3D reconstruction.

Orthomosaic Imagery

We use industry-standard processes to stitch many unique images into a unique orthomosaic for the ultimate birds-eye view of a project. This solution combines the advantages of standard Google maps, with the high resolution image capture obtained by our UAVs.


Shutter Pilots uses imagery and location data to capture the precise location of each image. We then automate the comparison of each photograph to generate 3D point clouds and mesh data. In doing so, we create the ideal tool for developing precise topological data for any location.

By capturing aerial imagery of a given building or location, we are to pair the topological maps with 3D reconstruction of the existing structure, historical artifact or site.