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3D Visualization

For decades, architects and engineers have relied on traditional artist’s sketches to depict new projects. Now, we have the technology and know-how to take those sketches to the next level. With our aerial 3D visualization services, we are able to capture a current site and overlay a 3D model of the planned building or project within the same frame.

Safe, Planned Flights

At Shutter Pilots, our number one priority is safety. We plan all flights ahead of time and work closely with our pilots to ensure appropriate safety measures and protocols are in place. By working in teams of 2-3 people, we are able to separate the roles of pilot, camera operator and spotter. This ensures that each need is defined and the best product is delivered.

2D/3D Camera Tracking and Solve

Using professional-grade tracking processes, we process the captured footage and reconstruct the flight path of the UAV. By integrating positional data, the reconstruction is ready for 3D integration and compositing.

3D Asset Creation

Our projects rely on accurate 3D modeling to depict past, present and future scenes. We are able to custom build any asset for your project or work in conjunction with an architect to utilize existing plans and 3D models.

Integration and Presentation

With the pieces of the puzzle in place, we integrate the various products to deliver a seamless video experience. We are able to integrate the recorded footage and 3D assets to produce before and after videos, or any variation that suits your needs.